The Best Beauty and Wellness Spots in Greater Palm Springs |

The Best Beauty and Wellness Spots in Palm Springs

June 3, 2024

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The Best Beauty and Wellness Spots in Greater Palm Springs |

Palm Springs and its surrounding areas are renowned for their stunning landscapes and luxurious retreats. Among these, the wellness spots in Palm Springs stand out, offering unique and rejuvenating experiences for both locals and visitors. Whether you’re looking for a stylish haircut, a challenging Pilates session, a soothing massage, or a holistic yoga practice, these top-tier destinations have something for everyone. In this blog post, I’ll take you through my personal favorites: Alankara Aveda Salon in El Paseo for impeccable haircuts, ARA Pilates in Indian Wells for invigorating fitness classes, Grounded Bodyworks in Palm Springs for indulgent spa treatments, and Soul Dive Yoga in El Paseo for an enriching yoga journey. Each of these wellness spots has become a cornerstone in my self-care routine, and I’m excited to share why they should be on your list too.

The Best Beauty and Wellness Spots in Palm Springs

Alankara Aveda Salon 

Location: El Paseo, Palm Desert 

Best for: haircut and styling

Alankara (Aveda Experience Center & Salon) is a boutique salon in the popular shopping district of El Paseo. It is an Aveda Salon, meaning that they work exclusively with Aveda products. If you’ve never tried Aveda, you’re in for a pleasant treat. Their products and attention to detail is what makes this salon my go-to in the desert. I’ve had my haircut at Alankara in El Paseo on several occasions, and I even waited until I visited Palm Springs again to get a haircut. Izea is my go-to hair stylist, and always cuts and styles my hair to perfection. He’s also a great conversationalist so my visit to Alankara is always a pleasant one. I’m sure you’re bound to have a similar, happy experience.

The Best Beauty and Wellness Spots in Greater Palm Springs |

ARA Pilates

Location: Indian Wells

Best for: Pilates of all levels

ARA Pilates is a wellness gem in the desert. I discovered ARA pilates during a visit to IW Coffee, one of my favorite coffee shops in Greater Palm Springs, which happens to be in the same shopping center. As soon as I discovered ARA, this became my routine:

  1. Attend one of the best strength pilates classes I’ve ever tried (with Melanie).
  2. Follow the class by having a coffee and reflection session at IW coffee.
  3. Depending on the time of day, I’d often stop at Sprouts (also in the same shopping center) to pick up a protein bar.

Melanie’s strength movement classes are my go-to. They are the perfect balance between a true workout, while also letting you breathe. I feel both strong and relaxed after her classes. I highly recommend you try her classes, but rest assured that all of the wonderful teachers at ARA will make you feel amazing. ARA Pilates is definitely one of the best wellness spots in Palm Springs.

Grounded Bodyworks

Location: Palm Springs 

Best for: facials and massages

Grounded Bodyworks is one of the most beautiful wellness spots in Palm Springs. It’s located on the main strip of Palm Springs, so it’s easily accessed if you’re in the area for a weekend retreat or bachelorette. Grounded Bodyworks offers a variety of treatments like mani-pedis, facials, and my favorite: massages! Each of their treatments target a wide range of wellness focuses. You can get a lymphatic drainage massage to be Coachella-ready, or Reiki to be fully relaxed poolside. For their skincare options, they use clean, vegan products so you know you’re getting the best ingredients to nourish your skin. Whether you’re a local or tourist, a pampering visit to Grounded Bodyworks is worth the trip!

The Best Beauty and Wellness Spots in Greater Palm Springs |

Soul Dive Yoga

Location: El Paseo, Palm Desert 

Best for: a variety of yoga practices

Soul Dive Yoga is an amazing yoga studio in the heart of Palm Desert. What makes Soul Dive Yoga special is that it goes beyond just your premiere yoga practice; it truly fosters a lovely community. Upon trying Soul Dive Yoga for the first time, I immediately felt welcomed and nurtured. Both the teachers and the students are genuinely some of the best I’ve come across. I was challenged by the Vinyasa classes, relaxed by Yin, and felt truly blissful with the monthly sound baths. Every single teacher at Soul Dive Yoga is beyond amazing, so I recommend you try every class and find your groove. Soul Dive Yoga will have you loving your yoga practice. You can read about my full experience, including my honest review of each class I tried HERE.

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The Best Beauty and Wellness Spots in Greater Palm Springs |

Exploring the wellness spots in Palm Springs has been a transformative journey, blending relaxation, fitness, and beauty into my regular routine. Whether you’re stepping into the serene ambiance of Grounded Bodyworks for a facial or massage, engaging in a dynamic Pilates class at ARA Pilates, enjoying a precision haircut at Alankara Aveda Salon, or finding inner peace at Soul Dive Yoga, each of these places offers an unparalleled experience. These wellness destinations not only enhance your physical well-being but also provide a sanctuary for mental and emotional rejuvenation. Next time you’re in Palm Springs or its neighboring areas, make sure to visit these spots and discover the perfect blend of luxury and wellness. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

The Best Beauty and Wellness Spots in Greater Palm Springs |

Palm Springs

The Best Beauty and Wellness Spots in Palm Springs

The Best Beauty and Wellness Spots in Greater Palm Springs |

Palm Springs

The Best Beauty and Wellness Spots in Palm Springs

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