Are you yearning for a lifestyle that allows you to control your own schedule and gives you the freedom to take off whenever and wherever you desire? 

Are you tired of your current lifestyle, craving to break free and make your dreams of world travel come true? 

Are you ready to gain financial and location freedom while doing what you actually enjoy, every day? 

You're almost at your destination,
future travel creator.

A place where you get paid to travel the world, freely on your own terms.

The first step to this travel life is to stop dreaming, and take aligned action.

The good news? You’re already doing that by being here, reading this page. 

I'm Ready For Action!

Visualize yourself 6 months from now

Being in charge of your own schedule

Working WITH DREAM brands like the Four seasons hotels & resorts and airbnb

getting paid to travel the world and staying at 5* hotels and resorts for free

AND being sent to PLACES LIKE tulum, japan, BARCELONA, switzerland, and PERU to promote tourism. 

Does this sound like a life you desire? 

Then I have great news for you...

the best practices of content creation, social media strategy, and website development so you can launch your own travel blog and say goodbye to tech anxiety.

You'll also learn to position your new travel blog to align with your dream brands, so landing partnerships is a breeze.

the key focus of the course is  helping you secure dream brand partnerships - the bread and butter of your travel creator business!


A self-paced online course designed to take you from aspiring travel creator to successful travel blog founder.


I'm IN! Teach me everything

Is a life of travel something you’re willing to invest your time, money, and energy into for the next few months? 

How will your life be better if you gain this freedom — this financial and location freedom? 

Does the thought of booking a spontaneous flight to Paris next week and staying at luxury hotels FOR FREE excite you?

If so, are you willing to stop dreaming and start doing?

Are you willing to actually launch your own travel blog, learn the ins and outs of the influencer marketing industry, effectively pitch partnerships to work with your dream brands, and get paid to travel ALL AROUND THE WORLD?

Don't just launch a hobby.

With the Travel Creator Blueprint you will not only have the skills to create captivating travel content, but also the business acumen to turn your passion into a sustainable and fulfilling career in the world of travel blogging.

Now let's see if you're the right fit for this program. Do you identify with any of the following?

- You’re a 9-5 employee craving travel, but feel tied to the grind from lacking both financial and location freedom to actually go to the destinations on your bucket list.

- You’re an aspiring travel creator overwhelmed by the mixed information you're finding by "Googling" everything yourself. You're struggling to put together a real strategy to launch your business and actually succeed in the travel blogging industry.

- You're a current hobby creator, and have taken some steps to launch your travel blogging business, but haven't had much success landing your dream brand partnerships. You feel like you're just running an expensive hobby at this point. 

- You’re feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your current life and are ready to take action and make a big, exciting change! 

- You’ve been toying with the idea of being a travel creator for so long now that if you don’t act on it you’re going to lose your mind.

- You want the freedom to travel the world, visiting or living in your favorite places, experiencing different cultures, and finally living a life that makes your heart flutter!

- You’re ready to COMMIT, WORK, and INVEST in yourself, your business, and your dream lifestyle. Because dreams don't work unless you do.

- You’re a non-conformist who got stuck in a comfort zone, and desire a life that reflects your true nature — living up to your full potential and manifesting your real desires. 

- You’re ready to stop just dreaming, and actually take action to create your dream travel life. 

Your Life

Wilting. 🥀 

Just stagnant. 



No real risk, but no real reward either. 

Just there, slightly dead inside. 

Everything in life is a risk, but risks are worth taking when the pull towards the life you’re dreaming of is stronger than the pull to stay in your current comfort zone — not dead, but not alive either. 

Dramatic? Maybe. But not if it's the way you're truly feeling. It's how I felt before I took the steps to become a travel creator.

If this sounds like you too then it's time to bet on yourself.

Because life shouldn't just be enjoyed on the weekends.

I'm ready to change my life!

In just 6 months you could be living your travel blogger dreams. 

And you won’t have to do it alone. 

I will help you get there.

Because I’ve been there. And I took action. 

I made the change. 

And I made tons of mistakes along the way — trying every possible route to freedom and the travel lifestyle. 

And because I made these mistakes, now you don’t have to. 

I’ll help you launch your dream travel blog, land partnerships with brands like The Four Seasons Resorts & Hotels, and get paid to travel to Japan, Switzerland, and Barcelona. 

Just like I did in 2014, and continue to do now, a whole DECADE later ✈️

A Decade of Experience

Hi, I'm Karen:
2x Travel Blog Founder & Creator Marketing Consultant

I launched my first travel blog in 2014, which made my dreams of traveling around the world in luxury come true… all while getting paid for it! Lifestyle Traveler grew to over 3 million monthly viewers across platforms, and took me around the world for partnerships with brands like Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Airbnb, and Japan Tourism, to name a few. 

On January of 2021, I sold Lifestyle Traveler after 7 years of travel blogging. I did this to learn the other side of the creator industry - the brand side.

I worked in-house for tech startups and international Fortune 100 companies leading social media and influencer marketing. 

So in June of 2023, armed with newfound knowledge and industry expertise, I launched my second travel creator business — Aesthetics Traveler — with a mission to help aspiring travel creators launch their own travel blog and get paid to travel the world. 

This brand-side experience gave me the dual-sided knowledge to take my creator career to the next level, as I learned how to speak the brand’s language for partnerships.

Making your travel dreams come true, just like I did 🥹✈️

I'm ready to take the leap!

“Karen's passion made the process fun and helped me streamline the way I roll out content so it’s efficient and gives me more time! Since then she continues to share her resources and any information that not only helps my brand but helps me continue growing personally as well!”







The Travel Creator Blueprint Difference

The Course Breakdown

Here's exactly what you'll learn with the Travel Creator Blueprint:

This module is all about your foundation. We go over why it is crucial to establish your brand's mission, values, unique selling points, and your WHY. We also explore how your brand identity influences your content creation, audience engagement, and brand partnerships. Get ready to dive into the importance of brand identity and lay the foundation for your dream travel business.

Brand identity is your foundation, it's your why, while content strategy is your WHO and WHAT. It brings together the actionable pieces that will drive growth in your business and attract your WHO. We will define your travel content niche, establish your brand pillars, identify your ideal audience and brands, and establish content boundaries so you create a sustainable and cohesive business from the start.

Now we're moving into the actual setup of your business. We'll start by choosing a name for your website and brand, then figure out where your business will live (website & hosting). I'll provide you with recommendations on different website builders and templates. Next, we'll focus on good copywriting, setting up your about page, and the essentials of an SEO blog post. Finally, I'll walk you through publishing your first blog posts and get you ready to take your website live!

Let's get social! We will go over the pros and cons of 4 popular social media platforms - Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest - to get a clear understanding of each platform. You will then select your social mix based on your business goals, strengths, weaknesses, work-style, and growth. You'll also learn how to create community, raise your engagement, and collaborate with other creators for quicker growth and better brand deals.

In this final module, we go all in on monetizing your influence! You will learn how to find brand contacts, create your own media kit, structure your packages, and understand the three core types of pitches. I will also breakdown my signature framework that landed me paid brand partnerships with Oasis Collections and Japan Tourism. There is a unique strategy for each part of the content monetization process, and by the end of this module, you'll have all the tools needed to land your dream partnerships and get paid to travel the world!

Module 1: Defining Your Brand Identity

Module 2: Content Strategy

Module 3: Launching Your Website (it's your online home!)

Module 4: Growing Your Socials

Module 5: Monetizing Your Influence


I’ll also provide you with workshops, templates, and content creation frameworks to further help you build your dream travel blog. With these workshops, you'll create content that engages, converts, and inspires - the efficient way - properly communicate your message on your website through effective copywriting, AND turn you into a brand pitching pro from the start.

All you have to do is show up, and let our expert creators, founders, and copywriters guide you and support you in every step of the way. 

Let's do it!

Travel Blog Audit By Expert Copywriter

Bonus workshop 1

For this bonus workshop, we have our guest copywriter and brand voice expert, Kaleena Stroud. Kaleena will walk you through 3 different website audits from popular travel bloggers. These websites range from very simple to more advanced, and are great examples of how you can build your own blog. In this audit, Kaleena breaks down exactly what works and what doesn't for each blog, and how you can optimize your site. You'll also learn how to capture your audience's and dream brands' attention by applying the expert copywriting tips from Kaleena.

$597 Value!

Write copy that converts!

Content Creation Workshop With Agency Founder & Professional Content Creator

Bonus workshop 2

For this bonus workshop, we have our guest content creator and branding agency founder, Piero Delgado. Piero will walk you through his tried-and-true content creation framework which will enable you to create content in a sustainable and highly productive way. He also deep dives into techniques to make your video content stand out, and highlights overall dos and don'ts for short-form content.

$997 value!

Work smarter, not harder

Brand Pitch Templates For Every Type of Partnership!

Bonus templates!

With the Travel Creator Blueprint, you will not only learn how, when, and where to pitch brands, you'll also get my exact pitching framework. These templates are adjustable to your own tone of voice and brand positioning, and come with personalization examples. The pitch templates and framework I share here are the exact ones that landed me brand partnerships with the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and paid press trips with tourism boards of Japan and Switzerland.

$697 Value!

Land dream partnerships!

Get ready to be a travel creator, and not just dream about, but to live your dream life  — 

1. How to start a remote business as a freelancer/service entrepreneur utilizing your strengths, experience, and passions. 

Working with your favorite brands. 

Doing what you love everyday. 

Traveling, living, and working from your bucket list destinations like Bali, Tulum, Barcelona, Lisbon, and wherever else your heart desires.

Staying at 5* hotels around the world completely for FREE

Making your inner child's wildest dreams come true 🥹 

Remember, you’re already one step closer to becoming a professional travel creator just by being here, reading this page. 

Now all that’s left for you to do is to take action. 

Because there is no limit to the travel creator lifestyle


Travel Blogging

Is Now Your Second Nature

Have learned the ins and outs of branding, and know how to position yourself properly to work with your dream brands from the minute you hit “publish” on your site.

Have learned my signature brand pitch framework so you can land free 5* hotel stays, gifted products from all your favorite brands, and get paid actual hard cash 💰 to travel around the world!

Know the ins and outs of social media, the pros and cons of each platform for creators, and feel so confident in your expertise that you can make an educated platform decision for your business (and yourself).

Know how to create content for multiple platforms the smart and profitable way — taking the guess work out of content creation so every piece of content is speaking to your ideal audience AND attracting your dream brands.

Launch your travel blog as a business. By the end of this course you won’t just have a fun hobby, you’ll have the framework for a thriving travel creator BUSINESS. ✈️

By the end of this course you will...

Your dreams are there for a reason.

Remember that the goal is freedom. This is a tool to get that freedom now. With Travel Creator Blueprint, you will finally be making your dreams of traveling around the world with your own business and your FREEDOM a consistent reality.

Sign me up!

“I love working with Karen. After going through a few slow years with my business, she helped me turn my vision into efficient actionable steps and gave me the confidence to believe that it was possible for me. I’m not a strong writer, but with Karen’s advice and outlines, I am now reaching out and negotiating with my ideal clients! She has a natural sense of guiding you and helping you not just operate as a business owner but truly step into your role of leader.”

Take me to the course!